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The Effectiveness of Cryotherapy for Athletic-related Sprains

The Effectiveness of Cryotherapy for Athletic-related Sprains

A sprained ankle, calf, or knee generally puts you out of action for a few days. Sometimes, you miss big games and sometimes, you miss crucial training sessions. A sprain is usually overlooked as a problem, mainly because it’s not as severe as a fracture.

But, you miss a lot of your training time because of a sprain, don’t you?

Sprains are the pains that are caused by the twists in the ligaments of joints, ankles, knee, and wrist. More than a million people face ankle injuries and 85% of injuries are aggravated out of sprains. To avoid sprains and to loosen the nerves, athletes first warm-up and activate muscles to practice in a proper manner. But sprains still occur due to extreme stretch of muscles.

Practicing is not harmful, but overdoing it is certainly something you might want to avoid if you don’t want sprains. The more you will practice the weaker you become during the tournaments or matches. The degree of hyper extension dictates how long you’ll watch the action from the sidelines. The degree of the sprains ranges in three stages. In the first stage, the tissues face small tears in it and this can be treated within some days. In the second stage, the tears are larger than the first stage and have the risk of being torn totally. This can be cured in some months or maybe years.

As an athlete, you wouldn’t want to sit out even for a light practice session. If sprains are halting your motivation and momentum, it’s time to switch to cryotherapy! Attending Cryotherapy sessions will make the tissues recover faster so that you can gear up and get to the grind.

Touchwood! You can get Cryotherapy done at Menlo Park, California. The Cryotherapy chamber here provides world-class conditioning therapy. Previously, people used to go for massages, ice baths, and ice packs to recover from minor pains and small injuries.

These methods still work, but for minor pains only. For sprains, especially in such a competitive athletic world where practice sessions are intense, cryotherapy is the only way out. In cryotherapy, nitrogen vapors are released, helping you recover from sprains in a short span of time.

Cryotherapy is a quick recovery treatment for athletes. Once the tissues are torn, surgery is a must to place the tissues in their places. And to avoid long term rest, just have a Cryotherapy session. It hardly takes 15 to 20 minutes to repair your wounds and strengthen the tissue cells in your joints.

The advantage of Cryotherapy is that you need to take fewer medicines. Also, it makes the athletes recover and strengthen their muscles faster than ever before. Most importantly, it helps you prevent sprains since your muscles are in peak performance condition.

To all the athletes who give their 200% in their practice and matches, you must get into a cryotherapy chamber at least once in a few months to keep the muscles and the tissue cells activated. In fact, before matches, it’d be wise to get yourself into those Cryotherapy chambers and heal yourself in prior.


If not, you should, especially if you’re an athlete aspiring to train well, work hard, recover fast and perform exceptionally.

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