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Fight Your Allergies With NLC

Fight Your Allergies With Cryotherapy

Allergy medication may help dim symptoms, but their side effects can make you feel sleepy, dry-mouthed and irritated. Short of staying indoors, there is little you can do to avoid allergens. However, there are some measures you can take to reduce your body’s negative reactions to pollen, mold and other allergens, without taking drugs.

Patients who suffer from severe allergies now have another alternative that can dramatically reduce their chronic symptoms. What’s more? This alternative is a non-surgical one! So there’s no real pain and yet you gain!

Cryotherapy, sometimes known as cold therapy, is the local or general use of low temperatures in medical therapy. It is a technique where the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes.

By immersing your body in cold temperatures for several minutes, cryotherapy provides you with great many health benefits.

Some of the benefits can be listed as below:
  • Reduce migraine symptoms
  • Numbs nerve irritation
  • Help treat mood disorders
  • Reduces arthritis pain
  • Helps treat low-risk tumors
  • Helps prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Treats atopic dermatitis and other skin conditions

Allergy symptoms are the immune system kicking in, a response to foreign substances invading our bodies. Avoiding these annoying substances may be the simplest and most effective method, but it is also impractical, even often impossible. Pollen can come in through open windows, so it is not just a question of staying at home, it is doing so with closed windows while constantly hovering to get rid of any particles that may have found its way in.

Cryotherapy best serves you when you have a year-round allergy problem and no amount of conventional treatments are working for you.

How does Cryotherapy help with Allergies?

Cryotherapy or freezing basically scars down the nerve that is sometimes hyperactive and by hyperactive it can make you feel extra congestion, extra mucus, extra post nasal drip. Freezing the nerves interrupts the signals that prompt the nose to drip.

Suppressing histamine production can help ease the discomfort of an allergic reaction, which is why most allergy medicines contain an antihistamine drug. However, antihistamines tend to make you sleepy, so daytime allergy medicines also contain drugs to counter the sleepiness effect of antihistamines. What you end up with is an uncomfortable edginess that is not natural, and that can interfere with physical and mental performance.

In fact, most of the common medications prescribed to fight allergies make most of you drowsy and sleepy to the extent that you feel the need for other medications to get rid of this unpleasant effect.

This is where Cryotherapy comes into the picture.

Cryotherapy is a safe, natural alternative to allergy medicines. Cryotherapy blocks the histamine production and degrades it in your system, thus eliminating running nose, itchy eyes and congestion.

Cryotherapy releases epinephrine, a natural steroid that reduces systemic inflammation or pain. It also improves immune function, reducing hypersensitivity to substances like pollen that pose no significant threat to your health.

After Effects of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy offers minimal downtime and recovery. Also, 50 to 80 percent of your excess mucus and excess congestion is resolved. You will notice a change in as little as two weeks. But the major improvement can come along in about a month or so after doing regular Cryotherapy.

Anecdotal evidence suggests cryotherapy can help with a range of concerns, including slowing or reversing skin aging, supporting fat loss, preventing chronic diseases, and others.

So, if you are having a tough battle against allergies, please ensure you get in touch with us, the cryotherapy experts.

No Limits Cryotherapy is the first and only whole body cryotherapy, we offer you a physical therapy that has long lasting effects. We ensure that you are relieved, recovered and rejuvenated!