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Cryotherapy boosts your immunity and increases WBC count

Cryotherapy Boosts Your Immunity and Increases WBC Count

Many things can affect your immune system, including stress, change in weather and even something as simple as an improper diet. So, changes between the hot and cold, or even a dewy environment, can lead you to a bout of sickness. You may end up getting a cold and a runny, snotty nose.


While a proper healthy diet with an adequate amount of fruits and veggies would help, it does not necessarily help your case immediately. One way to boost your immune system naturally and quickly is by taking up the cryotherapy system.


Cryotherapy is a cold therapy treatment that is often used to maintain health, beauty and fitness. And there is no hard and fast rule about when to take up cryotherapy sessions to boost your immune system, it is entirely on you.


Cryotherapy is also used by most people to relieve chronic pain. And being an out and out natural treatment, it is greatly appreciated by those who wish to boost their immune system without medications.


By boosting your immune system, Cryotherapy helps you fend off illnesses and stay fit and healthy. Here are 2 ways in which it helps boost your immune system.


Increases Circulation

Cryotherapy envelops your body in a cold temperature, in turn lowering your body’s temperature. This sends your body into a “fight-or-flight” mode, causing an increase in the circulation of blood. During a cryotherapy session, your blood from the skin is pushed to your core to protect your vital organs. And while this circulation happens, your blood gets enriched with oxygen and nutrients. After the session ends, this amazing oxygen and nutrients rich blood is sent out to the extreme edges. This rich blood flow helps improve cellular function and growth.


Removes Toxins

The increased blood flow and oxygen in the body radically increases the body’s ability to rid itself of the toxins and waste. This ensures that your body gets rid of all the toxicity and waste that could prove harmful for your health. It is highly important that waste products are efficiently removed because the body needs to maintain a stable and consistent state- also known to us as homeostasis. For your body to work at its optimal peak, the balance of internal conditions is crucial beyond measure. Cryotherapy aids the process and leaves you a healthier self.


Cryotherapy not just helps in boosting the immune system, it also helps in increasing the white blood cell count in your body.


You are all well aware of the fact that white blood cells are the cells that help you fight infection and disease, and that is exactly why they are called Warrior Cells. Cryotherapy ensures an increase in the amount of these warrior cells and hence plays a huge role in a speedy recovery. These cells ensure that your body can identify and more quickly attack the alien organisms which may cause illness.


Cryotherapy can help your body in many more ways than just boosting the immune system. Notably, it can improve athletic performance by reducing muscle soreness and inflammation after working out. The increased blood flow to the vital organs improve their respective functions and thus keep your body sharp and focused. The better flow of oxygen rich blood helps muscles perform better.


From your improved immune system to your well being and your beauty or fitness regimes, the benefits of cryotherapy are par excellence. And the best way to combat any illness or injury is to strengthen your immune system and Cryotherapy does just that.


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