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No Limits Cryotherapy

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5 Ways Cryotherapy Helps You Stay Fit & Injury-Free!

Cryotherapy is a healing procedure that exposes your body to freezing temperatures and triggers its natural healing mechanism. This process regulates blood circulation and naturally stimulates the body’s organ regulatory functions.

It leads to an increase in energy levels, cell rejuvenation, immune system boost, overall system self-healing and causes more nutrients to get involved. Eventually, it helps in maximizing the rate at which your muscles and tissues heal.

It is a lot safer, invigorating and effective than the traditional ice baths, which is a general practice among athletes. If you’re an athlete who wants quicker recovery and peak physical fitness, cryotherapy is the perfect solution for you. Read more.

5 most powerful healing effects cryotherapy can have on your body

1. Repairs Muscles & Joints

Small tears, knocks, and injuries are natural eventualities of your life as an athlete. However, for you to maintain a healthy and fit life, it is quintessential that these injuries are dealt with quickly and naturally.

Cryotherapy enhances the circulation blood by exposing the human body to ultra-cooled air, which purifies the blood and transports nutrients and oxygen to the body’s soft tissues. This fastens the healing process, allowing your body to reach its ultimate potential.

2. Helps in Healing Soft Tissue

Muscle ache & soft tissue pain is a result of inflammation caused by damaged cells. Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) enhances blood circulation, and as it flows through your body it brings with it oxygen and other essential nutrients, which are powerful healing agents.

With the in-flow of purified blood, soft tissue healing is accelerated, and an immediate relief from pain is experienced by many athletes during Cryosauna.

3. Advances in Immune System

Cryotherapy ensures that the development of cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL), which helps in shielding your body against any kind of immune disorder. One of the most essential and peculiar effects of cryotherapy is that it boosts the formation of a healthier immune cell population.

WBC literally ‘tricks’ your body sensors to push themselves and heat & transport blood, facilitating an increase in metabolism and calorie expenditure. Researches state that 500-800 calories are burned during each session.

4. Reduced Inflammation

Chronic pain, redness, swelling, or stiffness are caused by the body’s natural response to an injury. Because Cryotherapy boosts the body’s healing systems, it can be a very ‘able’ anti-inflammatory treatment.

By undergoing Cryotherapy, you can quickly recover from impact injuries, especially when you’re involved in a contact sport.

5. Increased Rate of Endurance

Cryotherapy ensures that your body’s natural healing properties come to the surface from your core healing mechanism. These properties enhance the rate of purified blood circulation in your body, which increases your endurance level.

Thus, every time you undergo Cryotherapy, you’re strengthening your body’s ability to withstand physical hardships and injuries.

Try Cryotherapy – It works!

Want to become an injury-free athlete who can stay at peak fitness consistently? Cryotherapy can help!

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